The column database singles circuit

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The column database singles circuit

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The Column Store Singles Circuit

Derrik Harris, writing for Giga Om on *Why ParAccel’s Time on the Big Data Singles Circuit Won’t Be Long*:

>Greenplum, Netezza, Vertica, Aster Data Systems — one by one, they all got bought, leaving ParAccel standing all but alone as an independent company dedicated to the cause of analyzing big data.

Though that could change:

>Who might come courting, though, is anybody’s guess. I got the impression from a recent conversation with a Dell VP that his company isn’t planning a move into the big data space, which, if true, could end up being a big mistake. But that’s Dell’s prerogative. Current ParAccel technology partner NetApp would make sense, though, especially after it just bought Engenio and gave itself a high-performance hardware business that might make a nice foundation for a ParAccel analytic appliance. But my crystal ball is a bit murky these days: I had Dell buying Aster Data Systems.

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