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MPP Architecture

  • Architecture based on a processor pool loosely coupled with storage pool
  • Query execution based on Service Provider and Service Requestor execution model
  • Each query decomposed into basic data element sub-request fully distributed
  • Each sub-request executed in multi-thread fashion in a lock free architecture, no contention point
  • Data operation executed directly on compressed data
  • Scale for intra and inter concurrent query execution on commodity hardware
  • Multiple benchmarks have demonstrated linear scalability for load and query execution



Sand Scalability is based on a flexible MPP architecture.  It is a Shared Nothing Architecture that allows for workload distribution. Data is communicated between nodes in a highly compressed form to reduce network bandwidth requirements.  The Architecture can be deployed to utilise an elastic cloud environment with differing tiers of performance.  The result is massive user and data scalability.  Just add computing nodes as required to achieve pure, predictive, linear scalability.