Sand Is Technology for Analytics

  • Column Based

    • Data is decomposed into individual columns with vertical partitioning
    • Column orientation is well suited to analytic operations
    • Only the columns involved in a query are used
  • Tokenization

    • Each data value is tokenized and stored only once within a domain of unique values
    • Reduces amount of data stored
    • Separates the data from its use
  • Bit Vector Encoding

    • Each occurrence of each value has a unique position in a "bit vector"
    • Columns are represented as a compressed set of run length encoded bit vectors
  • Boolean Logic

    • Data operations are Boolean operations on encoded bit vectors
    • Bit vectors are never decompressed

SAND is a software based solution designed to do more with less – using intelligence to deliver operational efficiency rather than brute strength.  ‘Load and Go’ operation gives business users access to data immediately without the need for extensive database design and performance tuning requirements.  SAND databases have a small footprint due to data compression and can run on low cost commodity hardware.  Simple access via standard SQL and ODBC/JBDC allow existing front end applications to perform high volume complex SQL querying with ease.


Get Advanced Analytics Now

SAND is an Analytics database optimized for
data mining, statistical analysis, pattern
identification, and ad hoc queries.