Extreme Data Velocity

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Extreme Data Velocity

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extreme data varieties ranging from ERP to Social Media feeds and the associated explosion in the extreme data volumes is of increasing concern to the enterprise. How fast the data enters the enterprise and how fast it is accessed by users is critical to the equation. Legacy vendors have not had to deal with the challenge of rapidly emerging data types; their focus has been on managing the volume of data. The extreme velocity of data in today’s real-time enterprise with always connected users demanding access to permanently refreshing data requires immediate access to data that has immediate intelligence applied to it to guarantee the information that is required is already available with a blisteringly fast response.

###Extract, Load, Transform (ELT)

SAND Data Transform iconGetting the volume of data into a state where it is usable by the enterprise requires transforming it into usable information as it comes into the enterprise. SAND’s ELT absorbs the volume of data as it enters the organization and applies intelligent analytics functions to the data as it enters the enterprise. Tasks that used to require analysts to spend hours or days performing data manipulation on massive data sets is delivered in-database at time of loading. Driving analytics into the data and not into the hands of users dramatically speeds up the time for users to make actionable decisions. In addition to the loading process as the data flows from source into analytic readiness SAND applies PMML models to the data. PMML adds even greater depths of analytics to the data, taking the intelligence of the analysts and applying that to the data in-database. Analytic models are pre-built and ready for the user at time of access.

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###PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language)

SAND is the first and only column-oriented database offering wide ranging support for the Data Mining Group‘s open PMML standard, enabling advanced analytics on Extreme Data with even greater flexibility. Complex mathematical and statistical models, the creation of advanced User Defined Functions, the elimination of extraction requirements, and the ability to execute analytics directly on the data are just some of the benefits offered via SAND’s industry-leading PMML support.

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###Text Search

SAND Text Analytics iconWith the new data types entering the enterprise much of this data enters in the form of loosely structured data, a lot of this is text-heavy as social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc a mini-streams of consciousness that can only be analysed with text mining capability. SAND’s Text Search solves this problem giving users full text search capability in a blisteringly fast analytic environment. The faster this data can be accessed by users the faster they are able to understand the real-time trends occurring in the market.

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###Infinite Optimization

Getting the data into and out of the enterprise requires many approaches to deal with the deluge of data. At the base level the data is sitting in a database and needs to be accessed using the fastest access technology available. SAND’s unique approach is to use the best of in-memory analytics with the understanding that data changes and must persist somewhere. SAND’s Infinite Optimization technology operates on data at the lowest possible level, pushing the data with the highest value and requiring the performance only in-memory processing delivers into memory. Ensuring persistent data moves on and off disk at the most performant possible speed SAND uses bit-vector optimization technology moving only the smallest, most atomic data elements for processing.

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###RightTime Search

SAND RightTime AnalyticsDriving analytical data into actionable information requires pushing the right information, the right action to the right person at the right time. Legacy analytic approaches have ignored this delivery and in today’s real-time, always on environment it is essential action is taken immediately. SAND delivers Right-Time Search to deliver analytic queries based on real-time data feeds into the hands of users supporting real time deployment of information and converting data into action.

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