At Zynga Big Data is no game

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At Zynga Big Data is no game

On July 4, 2011, Posted by , In Industry News, With No Comments

Derrick Harris, writing for *GigaOm* highlights the important of Big Data and advanced analytics at Farmville creator, Zynga.

>Our physical network infrastructure utilizes a mixture of our own datacenters and public cloud datacenters linked with high-speed networking. We utilize commodity hardware, and our architecture is designed for high availability and fault tolerance while accommodating the demands of social game play.

>We have developed our architecture to work effectively in a flexible cloud environment that has a high degree of elasticity. For example, our automatic provisioning tools have enabled us to add up to 1,000 servers in a 24-hour period in response to game demand. We operate at a scale that routinely delivers more than one petabyte of content per day. We intend to invest in and use more of our own infrastructure going forward, which we believe will provide us with an even better cost profile and position us to further drive operating leverage.

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