Globe and Mail: Small companies, Big Data

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Globe and Mail: Small companies, Big Data

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Lynn Greiner, writing for *The Globe and Mail*, points out how small companies aren’t immune from the challenges of dealing with Big Data:

>Small used to mean, relatively speaking, small profits, small staff and small buildings. But today, in the information age, small is irrelevant when it comes to data. Small or large, databases are growing with incredible speed, presenting small businesses challenges to match that growth and to develop security policies to manage their sensitive data.

1.5 TB and growing 50 GB a month doesn’t sound like an insurmountable problem, but when you factor in local and off-site backups, production, staging, and development environments, and the need to perform analytics on all that information, it’s something that requires really good, really smart technology.

If you start when you’re small, you’ll be in an even better position when you get big.

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