Volkswagen Financial Services Reduces Costs of SAP Data Warehouse Management with Nearline Solution from SAND

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Volkswagen Financial Services Reduces Costs of SAP Data Warehouse Management with Nearline Solution from SAND

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SAND/DNA Enables Highly Efficient Data Storage and Transparent Access to Data from SAP NetWeaver BI 2004s for Europe’s Largest Provider of Automotive Financial Services

HAMBURG , Germany— Jan. 30, 2007 — Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft , a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft and the largest provider of automotive financial services in Europe , has chosen to implement the SAND/DNA TM nearline storage solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Release 2004s (SAP NetWeaver BI 2004s). SAND Technology is an international provider of solutions for intelligent information management for enterprise companies. The first customer worldwide to use the newest version of the SAP NetWeaver solution, Volkswagen Financial Services chose SAND/DNA for maximum nearline functionality enabling the company to store and effectively manage its rapidly growing volumes of data.

Certified for integration by SAP, the SAND software was developed to handle the increasing demands of data management that companies are experiencing as a result of their fast-growing SAP NetWeaver BI 2004s data warehouse solutions. Volkswagen Financial Services made the decision to invest in a nearline storage solution in January of 2005, when it determined that the approximately 2 terabytes of data it was currently warehousing would increase to roughly 10 terabytes by May of 2007.

“The solution we were looking for had to deliver relief for our existing system, cost-effective storage of our ‘old data,’ and transparent access to all of our data,” said Adrian Bourcevet, responsible project manager in department I-SE4, Enterprise Management of the Information Technology Service Center at Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft . “Following an in-depth analysis of the marketplace in 2006, we decided to implement SAND/DNA. This solution addresses our needs perfectly.”

The ability of SAND/DNA to compress selected data to an extremely high degree (approximately 90 percent on average) while making it available for use in reporting or as the basis for new DataStore objects or InfoCubes was the key factor in Volkswagen Financial Services’ decision. The low total cost of ownership, due to the need for far less administrative support as compared with standard archiving solutions, was also very appealing.

“We are very pleased that Volkswagen Financial Services decided in favor of nearline storage with SAND/DNA for SAP NetWeaver BI 2004s,” commented Roland Markowski, SAND Technology’s managing director for central Europe.“ This decision confirms our solution’s ability to manage, provide rapid access to and store any volume of infrequently-used data extremely effectively as a fully integrated extension to SAP NetWeaver BI 2004s. SAND/DNA enables companies to reduce the total costs for users and supports their efforts to manage their rapidly growing data warehouses more efficiently.”

Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft

Founded in 1994, Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft and has its headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany. The company is responsible for coordinating the worldwide financial services activities of the Volkswagen Group. With its comprehensive range of financial services, Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft strengthens the link between its customers and its group brands, significantly contributing to the promotion and securing of group sales.

Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft is the largest automobile financial services provider in Europe. Total assets on December 31, 2005, reached 39.8 billion euros and approximately 4.2 million contracts. Presently, Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft has 4,968 employees worldwide, of which 3,595 work in Germany. Further information is available at

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