The Next Generation of Enterprise Data Warehousing

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The Next Generation of Enterprise Data Warehousing

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By Jürgen Haupt, SAP AG, Regional Implementation Group (RIG), EMEA and Dr. Michael Hahne, SAND Technology

Recent technological developments have made it possible to overcome – or in the cases where the data explosion has not yet “hit”, to proactively avoid – the challenges described above. Specifically, SAND Technology, an SAP® Software Partner, has successfully integrated SAND/DNA 2.3 with SAP NetWeaver BI as a nearline storage component. The SAP Certified Integration of SAND/DNA enables customers using SAP NetWeaver BI to implement an efficient nearline repository that can keep massive volumes of less frequently used data (as held in DataStore Objects in the Data Acquisition layer and the Data Propagation layer of the EDW) in a tiny footprint, in a format that permits rapid, easy access. Based on practical experience in the production environments of several customers using SAND/DNA with SAP NetWeaver BI (both with SAP Business Information Warehouse Release 3.1/3.5 and with SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0), it is realistic to expect between 85% and 95% compression, depending on InfoObject type, data volume and data diversity.

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