SAND Technology Integrates SAND/DNA with EMC® Centera™ Content-Addressed Storage (CAS)

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SAND Technology Integrates SAND/DNA with EMC® Centera™ Content-Addressed Storage (CAS)

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Integration Between SAND/DNA Access and EMC Centera Allows Customers to Store More Information at Their Fingertips, Lower TCO, Improve Operational Efficiencies and Meet Compliance Regulations

Montreal, Canada – January 13, 2009 – SAND Technology Inc. (OTCBB: SNDTF.OB), an international provider of information management software and best practices today announced it has completed integration between its SAND/DNA Access product suite and EMC Centera CAS. EMC Centera is the world’s most simple, affordable and secure repository for information archiving. It is a purpose-built, software-driven storage platform that provides a myriad of new capabilities for unlocking the business value from unchanging or infrequently changing information. SAND/DNA Access allows companies to store, access, and analyze large amounts of information on-demand while lowering TCO, improving operational efficiencies and quickly respond to changing business needs.

The integration of SAND/DNA Access with EMC Centera provides joint customers data retention repository capabilities with the storage capability of Centera. This enables customers to have virtually limitless retention of any structured data for analysis, correlation, and reporting. This capability is critical for meeting regulatory compliance goals and essential for investigating security incidents that occur over time and across multiple systems.

“EMC Centera CAS provides the right mix of data integrity and availability for storing large amounts of information,” said Richard Grondin, Vice President R&D and Product Deployment, of SAND Technology. “When combined with SAND/DNA Access, our mutual customers are better able to manage their massive amounts of information for compliance purposes while at the same time improving operational efficiencies and effective use of their storage resources.”

Fred Walker, Global ISV Alliances, EMC Corporation, said, “The integration between EMC Centera and SAND/DNA Access benefits joint customers who are deploying and managing large amounts of information such as advanced information grids and technical libraries by unlocking the value in digital content, while lowering costs and making it easier to manage and share this information.”

As information volumes grow and user demands increase customers are facing significant information management challenges as well as heightened costs. SAND/DNA Access is designed to help organizations of any size cope with the challenges of the information explosion. It provides a highly compact, searchable repository that can store terabytes, even petabytes of information which is immediately accessible for querying and reporting, maintaining easy information accessibility.

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