SAND Technology Helps United Internet Media Put the Brakes on Rampant Data Warehouse Growth

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SAND Technology Helps United Internet Media Put the Brakes on Rampant Data Warehouse Growth

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SAND/DNA aCRM solution offers simplified administration, easy access and exceptional performance for highly compressed data

Montreal, Canada. August 28, 2007 – SAND Technology Inc. (OTCBB: SNDTF.OB), an international provider of intelligent enterprise information management software, today announced that United Internet Media AG, Germany’s leading marketer of digital media and marketer of its own WEB.DE, GMX, 1&1 and portals, has chosen SAND/DNA aCRM from SAND Technology as an efficient and cost-effective solution for managing its constantly growing volumes of data. The company cited the solution’s speed and data throughput level, as well as its ETL performance, ability to perform complex analysis and low level of consulting requirements as the primary reasons for its decision.

SAND/DNA aCRM is built on SAND’s core products, SAND/DNA Access and SAND/DNA Analytics. United Internet Media AG’s Media Factory division, responsible for the technical execution of the company’s portal offerings, currently stores around 1.5 terabytes of data “online” inside the SAND/DNA Analytics product. According to Christian Mumm, head of the United Internet Media AG’s Media Factory Business Division, “That sounds like a lot, but we calculated that we would have had to cope with approximately 4 to 5 terabytes of data had we decided to run a standard relational data warehouse. Obviously, this would have called for several additional employees and more sophisticated hardware.” The system will likely be expanded to include at least another terabyte of information over the next 12 months. Alongside this online analytic component, the SAND/DNA Access nearline product provides compression of up to more than 90 percent for infrequently used data, while still keeping this data easily available for use in analysis.

SAND/DNA Analytics makes it possible for Media Factory to develop new reporting capabilities that were not previously available to the company. “Today, we are able to handle our high level of data traffic in an extremely efficient and cost-effective manner with the product suite from SAND,” Mumm continued. “At the same time, SAND/DNA’s simple administration requirements and high degree of flexibility allow us to adapt our analyses extremely quickly in response to changes in operating conditions ,” he concluded.

“We are pleased to welcome United Internet Media as yet another SAND customer from the German telecommunications industry,” commented Christian Niemann, Director of BI/CRM at SAND Technology Deutschland, adding, “This underscores our ability to provide users with efficient access to large volumes of granular data with very little administrative effort, along with outstanding performance for all types of analytics.”

About United Internet Media

United Internet Media AG, the media marketer for its own WEB.DE, GMX, 1&1 and portals, is Germany’s leading marketer of digital media and one of the largest providers of digital media on the European market. With approximately 19 million internet users per month and 12 million per week in Germany, around 130 million online users per month in Europe through the AD Europe Network, and around 300 million internet users per month through its AD Europe Global media network including 60 partner countries on all five continents, United internet Media sets the standards for volume and quality in the German, European and global internet markets. United Internet Media offers advertising customers quick and easy “one-stop shopping” access to relevant online platforms in Germany, Europe and all over the world from a single source. Some 130 media and advertising experts from all media segments serve German and international advertising customers in the media, creative agencies and the advertising industry. United Internet Media employs 80 specialists working on technical solutions, such as the market-leading TGP (Target Group Planning) targeting system.

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