SAND Technology Enhances High-Performance Analytic Capabilities for Very Large Databases with Release of SAND/DNA Analytics 5.1

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SAND Technology Enhances High-Performance Analytic Capabilities for Very Large Databases with Release of SAND/DNA Analytics 5.1

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MONTREAL—January 22, 2008— SAND Technology Inc. (OTCBB: SNDTF.OB), an international provider of intelligent enterprise information management software, today announced the general availability of SAND/DNA Analytics version 5.1, the latest release of its high-performance data management software for analytic applications.

SAND/DNA Analytics release 5.1 represents a major advance in support for complex ad hoc analytics on the massive amounts of data organizations are accumulating today. Specifically, it is designed to provide superior analytic capabilities and performance for extremely large (multi-terabyte) databases, by enabling implementation of a distributed architecture using the following features:

  • Federated Databases, allowing users to query tables from multiple SAND databases via a connection to a single database.
  • View definitions can now be used to bring distributed data together into a single “virtual table”
  • Complex analytical queries against distributed data can now be composed using the UNION operator in nested table expressions.

Another important feature of the new release is support for complex searches within unstructured freetext fields, including SOUNDS LIKE, SPELLED LIKE, proximity searches for words within or beyond a specified distance, “concept” searches for synonyms, and “stem” searches that locate all words sharing a common stem. This new functionality extends the powerful analytic capabilities of SAND/DNA Analytics to encompass the large blocks of unstructured text (such as email messages or notes) that are an increasingly important component of the data records in analytic databases.

SAND/DNA Analytics release 5.1 also features extended analytical functionality to support advanced statistical aggregate functions and trigonometric math functions, as well a variety of other useful features such as: snapshot , creation of new tables based on existing ones,full Eastern European language support, and support for hexadecimal characters.

“Organizations today urgently need tools to turn their rapidly growing volumes of data into useful information,” said Richard Grondin, Vice President of Research and Development for SAND Technology. “Many of our customers have told us that they need the ability to scale their analytic databases into the multi-terabyte range and to include “unstructured” data in their analyses. SAND/DNA Analytics release 5.1, with its extended analytical capabilities and enhanced support for extremely large databases, is designed to help our customers meet the challenges of the current data explosion while still keeping administration requirements to a minimum.”

A high-performance data management platform for building complex multi-user analytic applications, SAND/DNA Analytics™ is unique among analytic data repositories in that it does not require indexing or specialized schemas. All the data, down to the most detailed level, is available for querying immediately after it is loaded, permitting quick and easy access by business users employing industry-standard business intelligence tools or methods.

Because SAND/DNA Analytics does not depend on indexing, it is faster to prototype and set up, more responsive to changing business requirements, and quicker to respond to complex user queries. As a result, SAND/DNA Analytics can serve as a rapid development environment that promotes end-user involvement in data warehouse design, reducing the time and costs involved in any business intelligence deployment project. It can host complex analytic applications that would tax the performance of traditional data warehouses, and because it is highly scalable, it can even serve as an intelligent application warehouse in its own right.

SAND/DNA Analytics requires minimal IT resources to implement and maintain. It runs on standard hardware, makes very efficient use of processing resources, and can store terabytes of data in a footprint that is typically 30 percent or less the size of an indexed relational warehouse.

Compatible with most popular hardware and software environments, SAND/DNA Analytics brings an unprecedented degree of performance and flexibility to existing data warehouse systems and enterprise data stores.

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