SAND Technology Announces Launch of SAND CDBMS 6

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SAND Technology Announces Launch of SAND CDBMS 6

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MONTREAL—July 13, 2010— SAND Technology Inc. (OTCBB: SNDTF.OB), announced today that SAND CDBMS 6, the next release of its industry-leading massively parallel, column-oriented database management system, will ship this September. Specifically designed to deliver optimal performance for complex analytics on massive and continuously growing amounts of data, SAND CDBMS version 6 offers an unprecedented level of scalability and speed based on the advantages of SAND’s patented columnar database technology. Key features of the new version include:

##Elastic Private Cloud Architecture

On-demand resource allocation ensures efficient use of shared processing and storage resources to deliver an agile and secure private cloud architecture that is fully transparent to the end-user community.

##Augmented Data Security/Privacy Options

SAND CDBMS 6 extends the high level of data security offered by the internal architecture of SAND CDBMS by adding new algorithms for encrypting specified data at the column level. This option provides robust protection against external or internal intrusion, and supports compliance with PCI standards.

##Advanced Text Search Functionality

SAND CDBMS was the first columnar database to offer the ability to blend text search functionality into standard SQL commands. Version 6 extends these capabilities with “relevance ranking” functionality along with support for SPELLED LIKE and SOUNDS LIKE comparisons. This functionality is essential for complex analytics on textual data such as customer feedback.

##Rich Mathematics Package

SAND CDBMS SQL syntax has been augmented with new mathematical functions specifically designed for complex data mining processes.

##Distributed Load Process for Unlimited Scalability

Addition of a new distributed load process permits a high level of load process scalability, enabling unlimited speed for data loads.

##Mobile Computing Support

With SAND CDBMS version 6, enterprises with mobile users can easily manage the movement of data from the central data warehouse to local personal data marts on small personal computers such as a netbooks.

“We are very proud of the new version of our CDBMS product,” said Richard Grondin, Chief Technology Officer at SAND Technology. “For many years, SAND has been a pioneer in the Columnar Relational Database market, and our product is now really mature. SAND CDBMS version 6 introduces new functionality that will enable any enterprise to take maximum advantage of Columnar Database technology to satisfy their complex analytic requirements.”

“On-line transaction processing systems (OLTP) were designed for storing rapidly changing, volatile data, not for high-performance analytics on slowly changing, operational data,” said Mike Pilcher, Chief Operating Officer for SAND. “Transactional database vendors cannot address the challenge of making legacy software handle the massive data volumes, user populations, and complex analytics requirements of today’s enterprises. With over 15 years of research, development, and experience behind it, SAND CDBMS 6 was built to handle these requirements simply, with sub-linear scalability, and with little to no disruption to existing systems and resources.”

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