SAND Technology Announces Availability of SAND CDBMS Nearline for SAS

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SAND Technology Announces Availability of SAND CDBMS Nearline for SAS

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###New Software Product Enables Simple, Cost-Effective Storage and Easy Access for Large Volumes of SAS Data

Montreal, Canada – June 24, 2010 SAND Technology Inc. (OTCBB: SNDTF.OB), provider of leading column-based database software, today announced the launch of its SAND CDBMS Nearline product for SAS environments. Based on SAND’s patented column-based database technology, SAND CDBMS Nearline for SAS efficiently stores and manages the large amounts of supporting data kept in SAS data sets, flat files and databases, making this information easily and quickly accessible on-demand for ad hoc analyses in SAS.

“Traditionally, making large volumes of corporate data available in a form usable by SAS has been very costly,” said Richard Grondin, Chief Technology Officer for SAND Technology. “Specific infrastructures had to be built to hold the data, management requirements were extensive, and the time required to identify, transform and extract the data for detailed analysis was longer than users were willing to wait. SAND CDBMS Nearline for SAS is designed to solve these issues by making all data immediately accessible for analysis without requiring extensive administration, and without displacing existing software, data management, operations and hardware investments.”

“In providing analytics on point-of-sale data for some of the world’s largest retailers, our biggest challenge is the sheer volume of data that we have to manage. We need a solution that is scalable, that can work on just about any hardware and which gives us good response times,” said Clive Humby, chairman and co-founder of leading customer analytics provider dunnhumby. “SAND CDBMS Nearline for SAS is very valuable to us. We use SAS as our analytic tool for retail data and SAND fits very nicely with this technology. It gives us fantastic performance at very modest cost, and enables us to build our tools in a scalable way.”

SAND CDBMS Nearline for SAS is natively integrated with the SAS environment. Data is saved with full definitions extracted from SAS, and can be accessed using data step or proc statements. SAND CDBMS Nearline supports automation of data migration and lifecycle management processes based on relevant business rules, and uses advanced data encryption algorithms to ensure protection of data privacy. SAND’s data storage requirements are typically 90% of flat file size, and the system can scale linearly using commodity hardware to support any volume of data.

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