SAND SAP PartnerEdge Webinar, July 21

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SAND SAP PartnerEdge Webinar, July 21

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SAP PartnerEdge will be hosting a webinar with SAND on July 21st 2011 at 11:00 am EST/8 am PST

In today’s world, the ever growing business needs and enormous amounts of data are very challenging for warehouses to deliver performance. At the same time the user’s analytic, ad hoc requests are more demanding than ever.

SAND Nearline provides efficient storage of vast amounts of data in a highly compact format, while still keeping it readily available for direct querying and for use by other processes in deriving
new insights.

Agenda :

– SAND Nearline Overview – Why and When to use ?
– Architecture and Features
– Demo
– Q&A

Join in to hear how SAND Nearline can help increase performance at lower costs.

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