Formtek: Big Data bringing Big Changes

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Formtek: Big Data bringing Big Changes

On June 5, 2011, Posted by , In Industry News, With No Comments

*Formtek*’s Dick Weisinger, writing about the McKinsey report’s gushing over how Big Data Analytics (BDA), and howit could positively transform our lives:

>When applied to applying collected shopper information, big data would give retailers the potential to increase their operating margins by more than 60 percent says the McKinsey report. When BDA is applied to health care information, the quality of health care could dramatically improve, efficiencies in the health care delivery system would increase, and health care costs could drop as much as 8 percent, creating as much as $300 billion in value annually.

SAND’s seen that for years with customer’s like retail analytic giant [dunnhumby]( and the Tesco Club Card project, and Sherbooke University Hospital and their Health Analytic system.

As Big Data continues to grow, big data analytics is becoming a must have, and a huge competitive advantage.


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