Extreme Data Variety

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Extreme Data Variety

On February 17, 2011, Posted by , In Mike Pilcher, With No Comments

Every day new varieties of Extreme Data deluge the enterprise. It is no longer sufficient to simply focus on tabular data coming out of CRM, ERP, SCM and other operational OLTP systems. Just when enterprises thought they were finished creating their *single customer view* or their *single source of truth* they are bombarded with increasing volumes and velocity of emerging data types:

– Web, application, device, and other log data from servers.
– Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media data from apps and the web.
– Location/GPS, RFID/NFC, and other mobile data from smartphones and tablets.
– Viewing, browsing, gaming, and other behavioral data from set top boxes and connected TVs.

As these data types explode, so does the data associated with them. We are seeing non-linear, exponential growth in data. The charts are not expanding quickly enough to capture the speed of growth. Users want access for marketing, sales, churn analysis, fraud analysis, and product management. Extreme data variety gives us ever greater insight into what customers, prospects, and suppliers want, and what our employees need, but many enterprises are prepared to handle the new data sources today? And those coming tomorrow?

Here is some of what SAND is doing to help our customers manage the explosion of extreme data variety:

###Log management

SAND Log Manager delivers the optimal solution for web logs, application logs, device logs and many of the new data types entering the enterprise. The SAND Log Manager is specifically designed to store massive and rapidly growing amounts of structured data in a highly-compressed format, while still keeping it easily available for access by end-users via standard SQL queries.

###Security and privacy

There is a tremendous amount of sensitive data associated with both the legacy and new types of data; it is essential this data is secure both within the organization and from external attacks. Whether it’s data left in a taxi or transported online, securing the data is a requirement for protection of the enterprise and for protection of the individuals this data represents. SAND Security and Privacy provides 256 bit encryption and ensures your data is secure.

###Nearline compression

SAND delivers analytic performance for data that requires immediate access and compresses data to down to 1% of its original size meaning users can get access to 10 times as much data in a footprint that is nearly 10% the size of the original data. SAND ensures users can have immediate access to as much data as they need while also ensuring that the data that needs to perform as fast as the speed of thought will be available when and where they want it. SAND Nearline puts data into the smallest footprint to ensure it is always available to users. We offer versions of SAND Nearline for Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL as well as a certified, integrated nearline solution for SAP BW.

And that’s just the beginning. In my next post I’ll address how extreme data variety leads to extreme data volume… Stay tuned!

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