Getting Big Information from Big Data

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Getting Big Information from Big Data

On July 14, 2011, Posted by , In Mike Pilcher, With No Comments

Big Data has exploded, and it can either bury you and your business, or provide greater amounts of insight into customers and potential customers than ever before.

In 2007 the total of Global Data was estimated to be 297 exabytes, equivalent to 1.2 billion average hard drives, or the entire area of the USA covered in 13 layers of books. There are several estimates as to the current size, but all agree it has grown rapidly. So when does this huge amount of data stay as just Big Data, and when does it evolve into the right data, into Big Information — data regarded as a valued and essential asset to the enterprise?

The transformation from the burden of Big Bad Data to data that delivers actionable intelligence and drive a measurable ROI revolves around 3 areas:

– Accessibility
– Scalability
– Flexibility

Big Data becomes Big Intelligence when put in the hands of the right people and enables them to ask the right questions at the right time, on a huge scale. Anything else risks the information becoming redundant and the BI worthless before it’s even discovered.

Over the coming weeks SAND will be exploring these key issues in several new white papers and providing further insight via a new webinar series.

The first three of these white papers are available now. I encourage you to read them and join in the discussion.

1. [Multiplying the value of Enterprise Business Intelligence: Delivering high-performance BI to large user populations](
2. [How to Rapidly Deploy BI Applications across the Enterprise](
3. [Maximizing the value of Big Data](

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