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The SAND CDBMS™ Documentation Library contains all current documentation relating to the non-graphical components of SAND. For information about using SAND Analytic Explorer, SAND Enterprise Manager, and other graphical tools on Windows client systems, please consult the online Help provided with those programs.

What's New
Provides a summary of new features in the latest release of SAND CDBMS.

Installation and Setup Guide
Covers the tasks involved in installing SAND CDBMS software and setting SAND CDBMS operating configuration in the nucleus.ini file. This document contains information about both UNIX and Windows installations.

Getting Started
An introduction to the SAND CDBMS suite of programs and to the various tasks involved in setting up and using a SAND database: creating database files, starting and connecting to a database instance, setting up the logical structure of a database, loading data, and shutting down a database instance.

Tools Reference Guide
A complete guide to the functionality and use of the core SAND CDBMS programs: nconfig (database file configuration utility), nserv (database server), nisqlm (interactive SQL client utility), and ndlm (data loader utility).

SQL Reference Guide
A complete guide to the SQL command language for SAND CDBMS and related topics. This document includes descriptions of SAND CDBMS system tables and public views as well as system limits.

Server Administration Guide
Covers topics related to the administrative tasks involved in managing a SAND CDBMS system. This book contains guides to Virtual Mode operations and Time Travel (Persistent Mode) operations, documentation for the SAND Enterprise Service, and instructions for compacting a database.

Octopus Administrator's Guide
A complete guide to the configuration and use of the Octopus workload management utility.

Error Messages Guide

ODBC Setup Guides (UNIX and Windows)
Guides to installing the Nucleus ODBC drivers and configuring SAND databases as ODBC data sources.

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April 2018

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