Tools Reference Guide

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1. Database Configuration (nconfig)


Invoking & Using nconfig

Creating & Configuring a Database

Database Configuration Options

Nconfig Error Messages

2. Database Server (nserv)


Providing Multi-User Database Access with nserv

Managing Database Server Access

Shutting Down the Database Server

Nserv Exit Codes

Nserv SQL Error Messages

Virtual and Persistent Mode Error Messages

3. Interactive SQL (nisqlm)

Using nisqlm

Nisqlm System Commands

Session Mode (.SESS)

SQL Mode (.SQL)

Date and Time Display Formats

Nisqlm Error Messages

Nisqlm Exit Codes

4. Data Loader (ndlm)

The Parallel Loader

SAND Compacted Table (SCT) Functionality

Running ndlm

Importing Data with ndlm

Creating the Import Specification Script

Import Record Specification

The NULLIF and MISSINGIF Statements

The SKIPIF Clause

Import Map Specification

NDL++ Data Load Scripting Language

Declaring Variables

The #INCLUDE Directive

NDL++ Load Scripting Functions:
String Functions

Math Functions

Custom Library Functions

Operator Precedence

Import Examples

Verifying and Filtering Data Using the PIC Clause

Importing Data from an SCT File

Importing Data from a CSV File

Updating the Database with ndlm (EXECSQL)

Exporting Data with ndlm

Exporting Data to an SCT File

Transferring Data via Named Pipes

Importing from an ODBC Data Source

Batch Execution

Creating a Custom Library in C/C++


Ndlm Error Messages

Ndlm Exit Codes